Rihanna’s Met Gala look for this year was stunning if you ask me. She pulled out the theme with the goddess effect. Like a queen who escaped from a far away fairy tale castle, glittering from head to foot in her jewels and regal, vintage adornments. This belle of the ball literally glowed!

rihanna met gala

But then kids online will always wanna have fun and here’s the meme feast they dished out on Riri’s grand ball look.

From pizzas to omelettes, the Barbadian beauty’s canary Guo Pei robe was the topic of many fan created memes that quickly went viral on Twitter and Instagram. Not cool?

met gala 5

But hilarious!

Still doesn’t change the fact that she rocked that Gala the way a goddess would.


The singer styled her long train coat with a crystal-embellished Guo Pei headpiece, Cartier jewelry and Christian Louboutin heels.

Instead, Instagram user @michaelmajesty accessorized her gown with slices of pepperonis, tomatoes and bell peppers via Photoshop.

met gala 2

But the 27-year-old songstress was not alone in the online ridicule. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Philip Treacy Custom headdress had several social media onlookers comparing it to the flame emoji and even cartoon ogre Heat Miser.

 met gala 6


Twitter user @zaynsed altered the red carpet into a frying pan showing RiRi’s long train as an egg omelette otherwise called ‘huevos a la Rihanna.’

@YisasChrist compared her cupcake-like Giambattista Valli gown from the 2015 Grammy Awards to the Met Gala dress by retouching Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star’s cartoon faces on Rihanna’s head.

met gala 11

@jazzonce_ even juxtaposed Rihanna’s circular train to a similarly colored condom.


While the bright yellow garb was made fun of by creative fans, SJP’s outfit was solely contrasted with fire and all things devilishly red.

met gala

Twitter user @MissAbbyMcLain noted that the Sex And The City star’s one-of-a-kind headpiece looked similar to the hairstyle of Heat Miser from the 1974 children’s television special The Year Without a Santa Claus.

met gala 7

@SartoriallyInc called out SJP’s headgear to be from Dragon Ball Z’s Super Saiyan.

The mother-of-three took to her Instagram page at the end of the night writing: ‘Til next year… head to toe, soup to nuts, all of you. X, SJ.’

Rihanna also shared her favorite moments on her Instagram page even reposting a cartoon caricature of herself wearing her bright yellow gown.




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