The fashion spectacle at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute gala was truly incredible Wednesday night. The Soiree costs $25,000 per ticket and the stars sprawled the red carpet in a dazzling splash of deluxe pieces.

Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker were among the A-list stars who dressed to this year’s theme – China: Through The Looking Glass.

Here’s the glory and all the madness you missed!

So who rocked it worst and who rocked it best? Which one or more of your favorite Hollywood celebrities held down the Met Gala and which ones dressed like the occasion was the “Meth gala”?  Take your pick!

met 33

Kerry Washington

met 34

Solange Knowles

met 35

Zendaya Coleman

met 36

Kris Jenner

met 37

P-Diddy and Cassie

met 38

Cher (left)

met 40

George Clooney (right)

met 39

Robert Patterson (left)

met 41

Jay Z And Beyonce

met 14

Madonna and Katy Perry

met 10

Sarah Jessica Parker

met 11

Jennifer Lopez

met 16

Lady Gaga

met 18

Anne Hathaway

met 19

Kendall Jenner

met 3


met 5

Beyonce Knowles

met 7

Kim Kardashian

met 15 met 20 met 21 met 22 met 23

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