Well, what to expect from one of South Africa’s leading labels, Kluk CGDT, a collaboration between Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel du Toit, when the clue as to what to expect from their new collection was summed up in the cryptic, “notion of conflict as an act of passion – as the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference, it takes energy and effort to be emotionally connected to hate.  Conflict is further presented in the connection of war/ dance/ love.”

The answer came in the shape of a dramatic opening to their 8pm start on Day 2 of Mercedes Benz Johannesburg Fashion Week with an even more dramatic grand finale which saw all the models lying on the floor with the last woman standing in the final look – a grand bridal gown with an equally grand head piece and veil.

The rich red carpet set the drama now expected of Kluk CGDT as standard and the first few looks featuring regale purple and deep crimson in rich sweepings of satin and velvet followed up on grand expectations in style.

The conflict of passions were played out in two parts – the first half of muted jewel colours juxtaposed with the second part featuring more ethereal ivories, creams and whites. The uniting factor was Kulk CGDT’s extensive use of soft fabrics, sheer layers, feminine lines and touch of sparkle in the shape of satins – quilted and pleated, bejewelled collars and shimmery cardigans and leggings. While in the grand finale the angelic white reigned supreme, for us the two winning looks of the collection were more devilish and daring: the polka-dot sheer number and the floor sweeping shimmery black gown.


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