Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima

Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima

Marc Anthony and Model Shannon de Lima got married on Tuesday in a romantic ceremony witnessed by family and close friends. The very private and intimate ceremony took place at the stars home in the Dominican Republic. This is according to Hello! magazine.

Marc 46 who was married to Jennifer Lopez finalized his divorce with her in June. Jlo and Marc have a six year old twins, Emme and Max together. Single Jennifer Lopez said she is happy for Marc, although in a recent interview she revealed that their divorce broke her heart.

Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony

Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony

The newly weds have dated on and off since 2012. Their marriage was hinted at in the video of Marc Anthony’s song ‘Flor Palida’ where Shannon played the role of his love interest and the last scene showed her riding up to a chapel on a horseback wearing a wedding gown. Marc proposed to her quietly in March and they have been inseparable since then. Marc spoke about his belief in love”God has blessed me in so many ways. Material things go but so far. Success goes but so far. When your house is empty and you don’t have someone to invest in – if you don’t have a witness, it’s almost worthless.”

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twin (Emme and Max)

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s twin (Emme and Max)

jenny n twin

Jennifer Lopez and her Twins, Emme and Max

We hope to see Jennifer Lopez follow this path, we would love the very sexy singer and actress to be find true love and marry again.

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