His real name is Tolu Erogbogbo but most know him as Chef Eros. Why do we love this gentleman? See below, Yummy!

fab-magazine-man-crush-mondays-tolu-eros31. The man has got STYLE! Chef Eros has a style that is uniquely his. From showing up to events in cropped jacket sleeves and fancy slippers to Dashiki’s and coral beads, this gentleman has also been seen in his signature chef uniform at various events. The man pulls every look off effortless. He is confident!

fab-magazine-man-crush-mondays-tolu-eros12. This celebrated chef holds his own next to any celebrity and exudes the charisma and charm of a celebrity of any kind. Little wonder he is a celebrated chef!

fab-magazine-man-crush-mondays-tolu-eros3. His skin is flawless!!  We once asked Tolu what his skincare regime was and it was pretty basic, yet, like one of Banky W’s fans once said on twitter, ‘His skin fresh like meat-pie!’

fab-magazine-man-crush-mondays-tolu-eros24. The man can cook! Yes he can! From cookies and  cakes to continental and indigenous meals, he always has us drooling. It’s basically about his food. I PROMISE!

fab-magazine-man-crush-mondays-tolu-eros55. He keeps it Naija! Though he schooled in England, he maintains his Nigerian accent – That of a well-educated Yoruba man and we love it!

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