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What makes Marlon Roudette so abso-freakin-lutley awesome? Everything…

Shall we begin to count the ways in which we adore him? Yay, we shall…

Asides from being one of the most entrancing songwriters of the new era, he has that epic treble that few male musicians we know can express. No-one who hears Marlon give a rendition will walk away the same again, that’s for sure. It’s in the way he wears the feelings of a song that makes you feel him.

He describes his music as a mix of hip hop, R&B and reggae, inadvertently describing his versatility.

The British/Vincentian electric soul singer is truly eclectic.

He was reported by the Telegraph as the “biggest British Pop star in Germany”.

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Marlon McVey-Roudette  was born 5 January 1983 in London, Son of British producer Cameron McVey and stepson of pop legend Neneh Cherry . He was mainly raised by his artist mother, Vonnie Roudette, on the Caribbean island of St Vincent.


fabmagazineonline_marlon _roudette_man-crush-monday

He was formerly member of the band Mattafix which he created with London-Indian producer Preetish Hirji in 2005 which brought to the airwaves, the wonderful song Living Darfur . He is known for his song “New Age”, released in 2011 which was produced and co-written by Guy Chambers,  an international hit,that became number one in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

 See  “Living Dafur” –  Track featuring Marlon Roudette  with band Mattafix.

His debut album Matter Fixed was released on 2 September 2011, in Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. On 23 January 2012, it was available in France and in the rest of Europe. Marlon also  released “Anti Hero (Brave New World)” on iTunes in Germany. His song “The Loss” was featured on series Private Practice, episode “The Time Has Come”, which aired on 2 February 2012.

On 18 July 2014 Marlon came out with  “When the Beat Drops Out” as the lead single from his second  work; Electric Soul, the song has charted in the Top 5 in Austria, Germany, Latvia and Switzerland and no 8 in Italy. He released Electric Soul on 8 August 2014.

Watch the famous New Age by Marlon Roudette:

This rare talent has a rare style and via the manner in which he communicates feelings and emotions through vocals, you just have to admit that Marlon is the magic!




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