Forget condoms, something bigger is coming and it’s male birth control. Think of all the times guys have not wanted to be responsible for contraceptives (condoms, pills etc.) and this could be the solution.

The world-changing miracle that is male birth control has proven successful in baboons and could be available for human use as soon as 2017. It’s called Vasalgel and is reportedly risk-free and requires just a single treatment.

Scientists have developed Vasalgel, a long-acting and non-hormonal form of male birth control that works in the same way as a vasectomy (except this process is actually reversible).

Basically, it works by blocking the vas deferens in the penis, which sperm swim through on their way out of the testicles. Vasalgel is injected into this vas deferens, blocking sperms’ exit in the same way as a vasectomy. If the man decides he wants to reverse the procedure, the gel can be flushed out with another simple injection.

WIRED reports Vasalgel was first created by an Indian scientist named Sujoy Guha, who spent over 30 years working on the idea.

According to a press release from the Parsemus Foundation, a not-for profit organization focused on developing low-cost medical approaches, Vasalgel is proving effective in a baboon study. Three lucky male baboons were injected with Vasalgel and given unrestricted sexual access to 10 to 15 female baboons each. Despite the fact that they have been monkeying around for six months now, no female baboons have been impregnated.

Perhaps male birth control is the gateway to the pleasureful, worry-free life every man and woman wants, and in the years to come we’ll be wondering how anyone ever survived without it.

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