Ever woken up and stared at yourself in the mirror with dismay upon the discovery of a love bite or a hickey?

Then read this.

Hickeys can be very annoying and quite embarrassing especially when you get ‘knowing’ looks from your friends or your colleagues at the office and so I would like to share a quick and easy fix for this problem.

First, get a wet spoon and place it in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator, wait till its nice and cold and then gently press it to the spot where you have the hickey, this will help reduce discoloration and swelling. After that, get a soft toothbrush and from the inside to the outside of the bruise, this will help get the blood flowing in that area.

Follow this with a light application of concealer

And a dash of translucent powder to cover the bruising.

Another method is to slowly massage the spot with your fingertips to get the blood flowing and then continue to massage the spot with an ice cube, this reduces swelling also.

If the above process is too much of a bother, another quick fix is to get a scarf or wear a turtleneck to cover the bruise or simply discourage your ‘hickey-giver’ to stop sucking on you so hard.


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