This season’s collection from Meena, which was first showcased at GTB Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2014, is called Muted Ways, inspired by lines, construction, deconstruction and the feminine form.With a strong architectonic undertone, paneling, sophisticated cuts and layering, Muted Ways tells a story of understated elegance and confident minimalism which is a new dimension for the Meena brand.
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“We love structure and lines – straight, vertical,  horizontal, curved, slants” says the creative director of the brand, Uju Offiah. The color palettes are mainly secondary colors – green, purple, orange etc. with neutrals and metallic. with fabrics ranging from a variety of crepes, embossed jacquard, laser cut leather and laces.
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Creative Director: Uju Offiah (instagram  @meenaofficial)
Creative Styling: Bubu Ogisi (instagram  @bubuogisi)
Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke (instagram  @emmanueloyeleke)
Model: Chinyere Adogu Mbgn Miss tourism 2014 (instagram  @the_real_chi)
Make up: Doranne beauty (instagram  @dorannebeauty)
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