Vauxhall Fashion scout brings together some of the most creative up and coming designers in the industry, and last night they brought us La Vie by Ji Cheng new collection ‘Zen Awakening’. This is the first time designer Ji Cheng is showing her work in London to an audience of international fashion media and buyers.


Considered the foremost designer in Shanghi, her new collection combines the essence of classic Chinese art with modern Western techniques and tailoring. In this collection you can tell that Ji Cheng has employed her unique design methods and her Chinese traditional culture in a constant quest for beauty.

View photo’s below cut.


Speaking of her new collection, Ji explains “My work emphasizes the combination of Eastern and Western culture. I hope to use my design persistence to stir those who see the show, and I hope I can continue to pass on China’s traditional beauty by presenting a collection that is modern and contemporary”.



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