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Popular Nigerian Successful Blogger Linda Ikeji has been in some recent drama as regards copyright. She was accused of copying people’s work without giving them any form of recognition or compensation. People have been on the case and  asked that Google shuts down the blog and it has finally been done, so sad.

Linda who started blogging as far back as 2007 moved from grass to grace due to her determination and became self established. She usually does all the work by herself and she recently decided to reward herself during her last birthday by getting herself a 2014 Range rover but this obviously didn’t go down well with haters as they came at her after this event lodging a campaign on copyright infringement against her. This campaign got started by one @MrAyeDee who claimed Linda used his contents without his consent.

Earlier in the day Linda Ikeji told LIB readers as they are called that she is trying to get a domain name but the internet hackers have hijacked the most likely names she could use.  It was rumored that the same @MrAyeDee purchased domain and might just be out to extort Linda full time although there are claims that He purchased it for Linda and have not made any money from it since registration. Linda is yet to comment about the issue or come up with a new site.

Linda has built a large audience  and has also impacted on them and so we are certain that when she finally comes up with a new site, she would be able to pull back her fans. she however hopes to expand pretty soon as this crisis has pushed her and also to employ other people to work with her in taking her business to the next level.


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