Is this a case for everyday for the thief and one day for the owner? Popular Celebrity blog queen Linda Ikeji has been accused of copyright issues and it seems really messy. Linda Ikeji who started blogging fully in 2007 to share stuffs that fascinated her, has gotten into several issues in the past but none of them seems as serious as this one.  Its either she is been accused of false stories or defamation.

She once had issues with Popular indigenous rap artist Olamide where he called her out for reporting false stories about him and his baby mama. Also Nollywood icon Richard Mofe Damijo warned her to stop fabricating stories about him and get a life when she reported he bought a house worth 250million naira to celebrate his birthday. it has been the case of libel and defamation.

However this time around, its the case of infringement of intellectual property. Many have accused Linda Ikeji of making a living out of the sweat of other people as they have claimed that She steals stories and just copy and paste such stories on her blog without giving any special recognition or compensation to the author of the story.  Recently an individual on twitter with the handle @MrAyeDee who is the Editor in Chief of 15 past 8 media group has decided to come hard on Linda with claims that Linda Ikeji’s blog infringed on his intellectual property.

He made complaints to Google who serves as host to Linda Ikeji’s blog and had such materials taken down. He is insisting on google shutting down the blog to serve as lessons for those who steal other peoples intellectual property. Imagine a blogsphere without Linda Ikeji’s blog. Linda whose blog is in the top 10 sites visited in Nigeria and has her income estimated at 140million naira anually is yet to make any comments on this issue. Some fans have come after him to plead that the materials be taken down but the blog should remain active. Google however is yet to take any further actions.

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