It is important to plan your lighting strategy at the early stage of decorating your home; this is to ensure that you make the most out of your lighting requirements for your living space.

Lighting can make a difference on how you feel about your home. It allows you to perform tasks more easily, and also allows you to enjoy your home to its full potential. It can make a small space look unenclosed and airy, and a large space appear intimate and inviting.

Good lighting is very crucial in making an impact for your room, but before you make your decision on what lighting scheme to use, you should first consider what activities that room will be used for.

For example, in your bathroom space you will need shadow-free even lighting, this makes your grooming, shaving, applying make-up and so on easier. In small bathrooms, mirror lights will illuminate the entire room, but in larger bathrooms, an additional ceiling light fixture is required for general lighting.

A very useful addition to your lighting scheme is a dimmer. Always fit dimmers in your living space so you can change the mood whenever you want. Also, having more than one dimmer will allow you the luxury of creating different light effects.

Another tip is to use downlights. The key to this is to find downlights that conceal your light bulb, if the bulb is well recessed in its fitting, the object you are lighting will become the main attraction rather than the light source.  Invest in beautiful light fixtures to give your space a modern and luxurious ambience.

When planning your light scheme especially in you bedroom area, avoid shades on lamps or lights that are too opaque, otherwise your bedroom will become too dark. It is advisable to opt for functional lights as opposed to aesthetically pleasing fixtures. When buying a table lamp, opt for one with a softly diffused shade and remember to spend a moment to see how it works, this is to make sure that it will not be too difficult to switch on and off when you are in bed.

Think of layering lights at contrasting levels as much as possible. Use your imagination; infuse low level-up lights to illuminate an archway, along a corridor or a stairway.

Also be bold enough to blend traditional lighting effects with contemporary solutions, for example, blending chandeliers with downlights. This may seem a bit too much but believe me it works, to implement this scheme the chandelier should always be dimmed separately to a fancy sparkle leaving the unobtrusive downlights to do their work.

Apply these FAB tips and watch your living space magically transform!

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