A new Rita Ora song titled “Solid Ground” surfaced online, produced by Stargate, and written by August Rigo, this sounds like a Beyoncé unreleased from the “B’Day” era. Very “Irreplaceable”-esque indeed. . It turns out the song is a leftover from Rita’s 2012 debut album “Ora”.


“Solid Ground” is a pretty song but the heavy “Irreplaceable” similarity is just too much of a burden. I think that was probably the reason why it wasn’t ultimately included on Rita’s debut. It’s definitely cute, but a bit “forgettable”, Rita’s vocals are strong and well-controlled, “Solid Ground” is about a woman (Rita in this case) who has a very busy life, flies a lot, and her only wish every day she has to catchy a flight is to return home with the most speed to hug her boo again.

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