pre 1  Since the beginning of the year, you knew every family member and friends favorite thing, and what they could love for Christmas , so you went on a surprise Christmas shopping for those items ; wrapped them earlier and packaged them under the tree ; BUT SHOT!!! , its few minutes to Christmas ,and you thought you had everyone on your Christmas list checked – but you were wrong- you actually left out some people.

At this period you are tensed, fast heart beats, gnashing of teeth, stamping of feet, and hands on your forehead. But this is not a time to panic – bring out your thinking hat and do something sharply.

In doing last minutes shopping, there isn’t time to search for what Ben or Jane would have wanted. It’s advisable to get the quickest and reasonable gift available in sight, another reason why your gifts must be ‘Gender –blindness’

Here are some quick and reasonable gifts to start off with:

  • A wallet: we know how precious and personal our wallet can be. its where most of our business cards, credit cards, ID cards and  most of our money are kept safety . It’s a gift you could quickly wrap and give to anyone at the last minute. A very useful material most people should have.

pre 3

  • A hand bracelet: pick a nice hand bracelet with a perfect design that can be worn either by a guy or lady and would still look good.

pre 4


  • A mug: a well designed Christmas mug will be a perfect for a colleague at the office. It’s cheap, useful, and affordable; and would do for a last minute Christmas pick out gift. At least when its coffee time at the office, he or she could always remember you during tea break.

pre 5

  • A daily organizer: our birthdays, our meetings, our appointments, our events, our Anniversaries, our ‘To do list’…and so on. We can’t put all these at once in our human memory. A daily organizer which has a unisex design is suitable for any loved one you hand it over to this Christmas. It will help organize the person’s activities in the year 2013 and you surely will be thankful for that.

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  • Unisex pyjamas: there’s nothing as good as resting in a comfortable nightwear. A pyjamas is another wise choice for last minutes Christmas present, getting one which has an unisex design saves a whole deal.

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  • A bath set : everyone loves staying fresh and clean either male or female. Give that special loved one an elegant scented bubble bath set this holiday.

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  • Glasses case: a fancy glasses case is a cheap, affordable and portable gift to give out for Christmas in a rush hour for either a male or female- but if the person doesn’t own any sun shades- please get one along with it.

pre 10

So that’s a list of a gender-blindness last few minutes Christmas rush hour gifts. All the best in making someone smile this year.pre 2

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