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Lagos State has set aside the 15th of October, 2014 as No Horn, No Siren Day in the State. Anybody that drives in Lagos will tell you that every road user feels the need to press their horn at the slightest opportunity and provocation.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, this is meant for; safer roads, safer drivers, safer community, to reduce noise pollution on our roads, to cultivate respect for other road users, to maintain and encourage road discipline, to improve road use courtesy, to encourage positive road use attitude to develop better road-user friendly (BRF) Lagosians.

While we are not sure if this can be successful in a busy busy city like Lagos, it sure will be good to have less noise pollution in the city for at least a day. According to reports from several news outlets, the target is to get across to all drivers and vehicle owners in Lagos.

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Do you think Lagos will be able to achieve this?

Find out more about the No Horn, No Siren Day on their Twitter page as well as on their Facebook page.

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