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Lady Gaga Heads To The Airport Covered In Nothing But Seashells

Lady Gaga is one woman who sure knows how to get our attention. The pop singer is known for her crazy outfits after once stepping out covered in nothing but meat. She has had crazier looks as well but this one surely has to be on the top 10 craziest looks of Lady Gaga.

lady_gaga_outfit Lady Gaga at Narita International airport, Chiba pref, Japan - 12 Aug 2014

Heading to the airport typically means keeping your look simple and comfortable but it is the opposite for Lady Gaga as the pop star arrived at Tokyo’s Narito International airport, wearing a Mermaid-themed nude jumpsuit with seashell embellishments (in the shape of hands) covering her bosom and a cream-colored strip hiding her bottom.

To complete her extremely unbelievable look Lady Gaga styled her outfit with sky-high laced platforms, oversized round sun glasses and a bedazzled blonde ponytail. Lady Gaga, who traveled to Japan’s capital to promote her latest album Artpop, posted a photo of her outfit on Instagram and described the look as follows: “Aphrodite took a hit of love and went to a disco in the future.”

This isn’t the first time Lady Gaga has stepped out in an extreme look like this but we have a good feeling it definitely will not be her last either.

What do you think of her outfit?


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