Kris Jenner is loving every moment with her beau Corey Gamble and nothing is replacing that anytime soon. Amidst reports from Corey’s ex-girlfriend who accused him of being a convicted stalker, Kris Jenner enjoyed dinner date  on Tuesday night with Corey as she is not letting all the negative reports come in the way of their romance.


The couple steeped out for dinner at Craigs in West Hollywood and were joined by Kyle Richards and another friend. Kris wore a broad smile all through the evening while Corey went in for a more serious look.

Corey Gamble’s ex-girlfriend Sheree Buchanan 43, who dated Corey for about three years recently revealed to “In Touch” that Corey is a ‘Money-hungry opportunist’ and that he is all about money and power and will do whatever it takes to get it. Adding that Kris is not his type as she is a little too old for him but Corey would still hit on her.



Sheree Buchanan (Corey Gamble's ex-girlfriend)

Sheree Buchanan (Corey Gamble’s ex-girlfriend)

However, Kris has failed to believe all the rumors as Corey has assured her with his love (or maybe something else) that Sheree is only coming after him because he is now famous.

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