Summer is all about foreign countries, people, food and most importantly the sun, sea and sand sex. Yes, lots of tanning time and looking super cute on the beach while scoping out the hotties, looking for a possible holiday fling or quite simply a young hottie who is DTF. I went on holiday with my girls ready for a good time, lots of cocktails and dancing and well if a hot guy came my way it would be unlikely that I would turn him away. Tanned Spanish boys – that’s all I’m saying.




Malaga is where we were for ten days and I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. Not a typical full blown out partying holiday, me and my girls got the best out of both chilling and partying. Malaga, a simply beautiful place, provided us with gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery and a fun Spanish vibe. From street singers to cheap mojitos, open mic nights, sexy people men and shisha bars Malaga has it all – I for one was pretty content.



Our days consisted of being very Spanish, having ‘siestas’ then hitting the beach, tanning it up (yes that included me the black girl – like I needed a tan humph) or hiring a pedalo for some water fun to having down time just enjoying the weather reading a book. Our nights on the other hand were all about strong cocktails and dirty cheap (good) wine, hitting the dance floor and twerking (I’m kidding, Miley Cyrus kinda put us off the whole thing), getting chatted up and having to speak ridiculous Spanglish, although more often than not we’d resort to the international language of just making out – simple.




A holiday romance is not what I was personally looking for, I just wanted a good time, and I had one. Mm Spanish boys – again need I say more. Okay, okay I know what you’re all thinking one of us or all of us did the dirty with one of the ‘muy caliente chicos’… yeah no that didn’t happen. We’re good girls like that. I mean mum’s the word.




PS. to weave lovers, ocean water and weaves are NOT a good mix! I had to learn this the hard way.


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