For a change it wasn’t Kim Kardashian that dazzled on the red carpet as she steeped on to the red carpet with fiance  Kris Humphries at the AmberLounge Fashion Monaco 2011 – fashion show held in conjunction with Monaco Grand Prix 2011.

The £2million sparkler looked right at home on the red carpet as it stole the show from Kim and her beau – a sure sign, we think, this is only the first of many more carpet appearances for the (not so) little gem.

4 Responses

  1. Lara O

    Kimmy Cakes is a thief! She’s holding my Alexander McQueen clucth! Give it back! Lol.

    So if for whatever reason (just saying) the engagement is called off, think she’ll give back the ring?

  2. Sinem

    Damn Lara, can’t believe Kim grabbed it before I could.

    Hmmmm… re: the ring returning etiquette… I think it’d be rude to return it; after all, what’s 2mil between friends, right? :P

  3. Nwadiogo

    I’m surprised she can lift her finger up with that ring on it.
    And LOL at Sinem! LOL 2mil… smh

  4. nicola

    Kims looks like a greek godness always!.. And that ring!!.. #jealous! Haha Nwadi im sure her massive basketball boyfriend helps hold her hand up at times.. I think their a cute couple!


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