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Keke Palmer Is Stunning On The Cover Of Bombshell Magazine, Talks Avoiding Scandals & More


There is no doubt by now that Keke Palmer has made this year her own. The 21-year-old actress, TV host, musician and fashion diva has been having an excellent year so far and it seems her run is not about to stop.

Keke Palmer covers Bombshell magazine in a gorgeous colourful print crop top and a white midi skirt (crop tops and midi skirts are two major fashion trends for 2014).

Having been recently announced as the first African-American actress to play Cinderella on the Broadway, Keke Palmer has a lot to talk about in Bombshell magazine’s latest issue. She had a chat with the magazine’s team to talk about how her positive outlook helped her transition from child star to the youngest talk show host in history.

Read a few excerpts from the magazine below:

On transitioning from child star without any scandal:
“I’ve always wanted to remain who I was, and show my growth in my roles. I’ve grown up in these roles, and people have finally been able to see the growth in me as an actress.”

On her success and what she puts out on social media:
I’m here because I believed that I can be here, and if you believe you can be there doing whatever it is you want to do, then you can be there too, but you just have to believe.”

Check out the rest of her editorial below:

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