kimkardashian_bleached_browsSay it isn’t so! As fierce as they may look on the runway, it is a truth universally acknowledged that bleached brows are not the look for the woman on the street so we were ever so slightly worried to spot Kim Kardashian West sporting them in an Instagram post taken at sister Kendall’s birthday party on Monday. Perhaps because we are so used to Kim’s perfectly preened dark brows or perhaps because she was standing right next to the heavily browed model Cara Delevingne, the picture was a tad unsettling.

Perhaps expecting such a reaction from fans on social media, Kim added the caption: “Don’t be scared of my bleached brows… it’s for a photo shoot.” Phew!

Kim is of course not the first to sport the bleached brow look that has been a trend on the runways on and off over the years. Kendall Jenner made her dark eyebrows virtually disappear for the Marc Jacobs show last autumn while Cara Delevingne bleached her famously dark brows to walk the Givenchy show in September.




Bleached brows have been featured in editorials across the world and sported by major models on the runway from Cora Emmanuel to Lara Stone.






And much like any other beauty trend which eventually found its way from the runway to the red carpet, bleached brows have also been sported by celebrities from Beyonce to Lady Gaga, from Miley Cyrus to Katie Perry.





Despite her newly established fashion icon status, Kim K. may not be able to single-handedly bring back the bleached brows, but if her caption of an upcoming shoot and Cara’s S/S’15 Givenchy runway appearance are anything to go by, this is one beauty trend which may be making a comeback soon – much sooner than we had hoped.

If like us, you’re too scared to try on a trend which may be irreversible till you grow your brows out but want to see if you can pull of such a daring beauty move, why not experiment with make up first? The look can be achieved by combing in and painting on a mixture of full-coverage concealer, white luminiser, and matte golden pigment. Better yet, why not check out Refinery 29’s tutorial with beauty expert James Vincent?


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