You won’t believe the news making rounds yet. Well, it’s the Kardashians and anything is possible right?

According to Star magazine, months after Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar in 2013, Kris met up with her son-in-law so they could share each other’s pain (at the time, she was newly-separated from Bruce Jenner). But it turned into much more, and one of Lamar’s other mistresses claims she actually walked in on the NBA star and Kardashians mom in bed together — naked!

kris and lamar

Khloe was, naturally, absolutely distraught upon hearing the allegations, and confronted her mom about it. Kris denied everything and referred to it as ridiculous, but the whole thing has left a bad taste in Khloe’s mouth,” an insider tells the mag. “One moment she’ll be saying she can’t believe anything that happened, then the next she’ll be saying Kris stole her husband and ruined her life.”

And to think that Khloe  was secretly still seeing her ex in the hope that they would get back together, as their divorce isn’t finalized yet. More reports even say that her mother Kris was caught naked in bed with Lamar in the same hotel where she secretly hooks up with him.


Khloe who separated with Lamar Odom over allegations of drug use and cheating, was told by her mom that the story was made up by Lamar’s mistress to ensure that she and the basket ball star never get back together again.

Well if that’s the case, then it’s working. Khloe has not been herself since the news as she is currently pissed with her mother and completely shocked.

kris-jenner-khloe kardashian

Oh well, but what if this whole shenanigan is just another staged Kardashian show to keep their reality TV just more sensational.

And if this is the case, then it’s also working…


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