Kanye West stunned fans with a wild concert at Swan Lake (Karapi Lich) in Yerevan, Armenia, capped off with the the rapper jumping into the lake. Kanye who is accompanying Kim Kardashian and her family while they visit their Armenian roots finds himself enjoying Armenia a whole lot and feeling generous giving a free last minute gig.  On Sunday, Kim surprised followers on Twitter with this announcement:

According to MTV, police shut the concert down pretty quickly after Kanye jumped into the lake and throngs of fans followed. He was able to perform a handful of songs, including “Touch the Sky,” “Stronger,” “All of the Lights,” “Jesus Walks,” “Power,” and”Good Life,” before authorities pulled the plug. Kim tweeted the whole thing (and seemed completely overjoyed by what was going on).

Check out Kanye’s performance below – he comes in at about the 45:30 mark;

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