Kanye West is renowned for his extreme behavior both highly entertaining and well sometimes just weird, but yesterday afternoon he showed a side of himself we’ve never really seen before. He gave a forty minute interview to BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe yesterday, and when speaking of his friend, the late British fashion scholar Louise Wilson, he broke down in tears, forcing Lowe to momentarily stop the interview.

Yes you read that right, West got emotional – it’s both heartbreaking and endearing, putting him in a whole new light – apparently he’s human.

We all know West is prone to emotional outbursts during interviews or no emotion at all, as he showed at the Jonathan Ross show where he apparently completely refused to speak to anyone. But even he was surprised by his reaction on BBC Radio 1 saying, “That’s never happened to me in an interview before,” Bless him.

It appears West is making headlines left right and center while in London, from his break down to his BRIT Awards performance to his Jonathan Ross appearance – what could we possibly expect next.


Check out the full interview below where Kanye speaks to Zane Lowe, he gets emotional at about 26.20mins in but the interview in it’s entirety is rather interesting.

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