Jo Black Craze is a clothing line which originally started in London but is now expanding worldwide. JBC is a Clothing Line created in accordance to the head designer, Olusola Elegba popularly known as “Sola Cash”‘s style who is of Nigerian Decent but based in London.











His style has been prominent over time and those who know him are very aware of this. JBC portrays sophistication & class, style with attitude and is catered for the successful, cosmopolitan and cultured man & woman. The designs are classic European fused with street chic, a thorough attention to detail is evident in all designs. JBC designs range from Bespoke apparels and requirements to ready-made and consist of blazers, sweaters, cardigans, polo shirts and velvet shoes and the all new fashionable embroided V-Neck T-shirts.


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  1. olumide

    i’m proud of this dude, we go back a long way surulere to kings college. fly on bro!


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