Photographer Rainer Torrado is known for his surreal pictorial series used to depict certain messages and now he taps Ivory Coast-born Canadian model Adonis Bosso for his latest work.

Adonis Bosso has teamed up with industry photographer Rainer Torrado (who he has worked with in the past) for Nocebo (“I shall harm”) pictorial. The dark and steamy series is meant as the counterpart of last season’s minimalist Horizon.

For the pictorial work Rainer Torrado simply states, “Smoking and drinking, drinking and smoking…”

The images of Adonis Bosso in this work by Rainer Torrado are dark and a bit scary. Rainer’s photographic practice tends to isolate the subjects to purely focus on aesthetics and the transmission of beauty.

Check out more pictures from the series below:

Nocebo_Adonis_2_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_3_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_4_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_5_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_6_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_7_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_8_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_9_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_10_RAINER_TORRADO Nocebo_Adonis_11_RAINER_TORRADO

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