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We always look forward to share those we have a huge crush on. We respect the hustle in Africa and we are glad to announce our crush on Davido. He is one of Africa’s biggest act if not the biggest at the moment. Just at 22 Davido has achieved lot more than some older men and this qualifies him to be in the league of men. Davido started out at a very young age but he knew just what he wanted and the level of success he wanted to attain. So he worked towards it and today many around the world celebrate him.


First reason why we crush on Davido is because he is successful. Davido like other rich kids could have just thought of the best ways to spend his father’s money but he insisted on making his own money and creating a niche for himself. With so much efforts, that has finally yielded results. He can now afford whatever he wants like a house, luxurious cars, Rolex watches etc.

best of life

Davido has a house of his own

Davido has a house of his own


Davido flaunts his Versace jewelry because He deserves it

He drives the best cars

He drives the best cars

Davido is a super star. Trust when we say super star. He is so good at what he does that so many people compete for a collaboration. He has contributed in boosting the career of upcoming artists he has collaborated with.

He has a couple of international collaborations. To be a very successful artists, you can’t just restrict your target audience to local fans, you have to be able to make a name for yourself on a global scale. Davido certainly understands this tactics and it has worked for him.

Davido is most celebrated across the globe. He has bagged a couple of awards that so many other African artists can only dream of. Davido has won a BET Award, a Kora Award, a Channel O Music Video Award, a Ghana Music Award, a Nigeria Music Video Award, two MTV Africa Music Awards, two African Muzik Magazine Awards, three The Headies Awards, seven Nigeria Entertainment Awards and two Dynamix All Youth Awards, among others

MTV Awards

MTV Awards

david awards

BET Awards


Davido won Next Rated at the Headies Award

Davido won Next Rated at the Headies Award

Davido is such a Humanitarian. Asides making money, he sees the need to also give back to the Society that has contributed in making him who he is. Davido spends his birthday with the less privileged, singing for them and also showering them with material gifts. How nice of him.



We can’t help but crush on this extremely handsome and successful young man DAVIDO.



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