fab-magazine-dbanj-creditworthy2So, all of us D’Banj fans are keenly following up on the allegations that our beloved Dapo Oyebanjo is in debt and allegedly owing a technology company, MindHub Technologies, the sum of  $240,000 and another N15,000,000. The firm claimed that D’banj had not denied the debts and that he had once issued the management post-dated cheques which were not honoured, rendering it dud. MindHub Technologies further revealed that they had so far been speaking with D’banj through their lawyers. See letter below before I move on to the real matters in this post:
“We act as Solicitors to Mindhub Technologies Ltd (hereinafter called “our Client”), and on whose instruction we write you this letter in the manner stated hereunder. It is our brief that sometime in January 2013 in Lagos, you signed a Personal Guarantee/Memorandum of Undertaking with our client wherein you agreed/undertook to pay our client the investment fund of N100,000,000.00k (One Hundred Million Naira Only) given to D KINGS MEDIA LIMITED by our client, should the latter default in payment of the debt. The said debt is made up of Nigerian and United States of America’s currencies.”

At a gathering where this came up, a gentleman retorted, ‘So what?! Dangote sef no dey owe?!’ meaning ‘The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote also owes.’ However, I went away thinking, what is D’Banj’s networth today against his indebtedness and even though I may not have hard facts, I am pretty sure his assets can pay up the debt. Let me come back to his credit-worthiness as I attempt to take the upcoming and even established artists to school.

The entertainment industry is laden with the carcasses of ‘wanna-be’ celebrities who had desperately tried to keep up the appearance of having come by good fortune and I blame them for subjecting themselves to the lifestyle their pocket could not keep up with. Yes. Tell them I said so. IT WAS THEIR CHOICE TO GO DOWN THAT PATH and then GO DOWN in the process!

Does anyone know or care to know what car popular musician, Asa drives OR where she lives OR what designer brands she wears? The answer is NO! Why? She chose to focus on the substance and quality of her music rather than the perception many struggle to keep up with and you know what her simplicity is endearing – Rolex watch or no.


MI attempts to touch on this trend in the industry in his song, ‘Human Being’ where he said, ‘Instagram be putting pressure on a dude…will they be disappointed when they look at you?’

So here are the 5 lessons every Nigerian artist must learn and learn fast!:

1. A flashy image is Not Everything

Borrow a leaf from Asa and 2Face. I do not know nor do I care to know what cars they drive and what designer brands they own but I love them for their music and heck!…their humility! These ones are inching closer to being wealthy and you Mr. Artist are not…period. Please note that I did not use the word, ‘rich’ and I know that the concept of wealth will go over many’s heads. Posting your recently purchased Second or maybe even Third-hand Bentley and Rolex’s and new ‘Loubs’ does not exactly add value to you. Like a wise man once told me, the fact that you just bought an expensive car does not mean you are rich, it means you just parted with a lot of money that would have lost at least 3o% of it’s value should you choose to sell it 24hours later.


2. Your unique self will sometimes sell you more.

We love D’Banj because he is charismatic and his energy is also beautiful. We do not care for his Bentleys and ‘Medusa Blings’ even though we relish in his success but most of us agree that he has lost the plot by not focusing on delivering the music we love him for. I am one of the few who felt that for our (the fans) sakes, he should have stayed with Don Jazzy and kept us happy. We are still hopeful that like the prodigal son, he will return. There is a reason we loved DaGrin, he was an original! How about Oritsefemi and Phyno? Life Mr. ‘Fayrouz’ said, ‘Be Original!’


3. Keep it simple.

Keep your outlook simple and try not to distract your fans from what endeared them to you in the first place, else you lose the plot. If they spot you in your brand new Audemars Piguet, let it be that they saw it and not that you want them to notice by all means. The ‘see-me’ syndrome as they call it, must be treated if long-lasting success is what you desire.


4. Focus on the music.

That is plain simple isn’t it?

5. Most likely than not, your career lifespan is short. Save up! Invest Wisely!

Only a few have managed to stay relevant for up to 10-years. Once you get to the top, the only other way is down. Nigerians hardly give you a second chance, so, whilst up there, abeg invest wisely! Look for mentors who will guide you in making the right choices.

Remember the book of proverbs said, ‘The fool and his money are soon parted.’

5 words…only for the wise.

By the way, D’Banj will sort out his debt issues because I consider him credit-worthy and he will live reasonably well as he made a few good choices on his way up.

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