Zarucci is an emerging evening wear line owned by Nora Zabarah Pucci, a Toronto based, MBA Graduate, who pursued fashion instead of her degree. She didn’t have any formal training but Nora was determined to fulfill her dreams to become a full-fledged fashionista.
Nora’s love for fine fabrics and texture geared her towards the direction of elaborate designs made of lace and silk, detailed beading and intricate embroidery.
Her statuesque translation of the feminine silhouette can be seen in her designs, the strength , boldness and delicate curves on a woman’s frame are well accentuated in her elegant gowns.
Zarucci is a young brand that has been greeted accolades with her gowns gracing celebrities on red carpets and magazine editorials .
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 Zarruci, a proof that young dreams do come true!
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