Thando Hopa is a woman of many talents, a lawyer and model is the new face of Audi’s SUV car. Hopa partnered with Audi South Africa for their Audi Q2 #Untaggable campaign, which highlights diversity of beauty standards, and embracing the art of forging your own path.

Hopa started modelling when she was approached by designer Gert-Johan Coetzee at a shopping mall in Johannesburg in 2012. She had received similar offers to model but not from a top designer like Coetzee. She’d rejected those offers so as to focus on her legal career. With encouragement from her sister to use modelling as an avenue to overcome the negativity associated with albinism, Hopa took up the offer.

Speaking to South Africa’s True Love magazine, Hopa defined #Untaggable as:

“Labels carry images and singular narratives.  When we tag things we have an expectation of what to see and what to get.  Untaggable simply says,  “don’t do that to me, I’m not your stereotype, I am my own being, I’m self-defining, unique and you can’t fit me into a box.”  It’s to declare that one is multifaceted and won’t be handcuffed by a label.”

The head of Audi South Africa, Paul Sansom said, “Thando was the only choice as the face of the Audi Q2 #untaggable local story. She personifies the Audi Q2 approach — she refuses to be boxed, labelled or categorised. We are also inspired by her personal journey, her success in so many careers and her activism on behalf of people with albinism.”

He further noted, “Thando is impossible to categorise. She is current, edgy and upscale, but refuses to fit the mould. Her inspiring life story and unique approach make her a perfect fit for the Audi Q2, a vehicle that refuses to be labelled.”

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