Now 24, Azalea is, one of a very few wildly successful white female rappers, with her song “Fancy” reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart last spring; that same week, her collaboration with Ariana Grande on the single “Problem” went to number two, which meant that Azalea joined the Beatles as the only artists to hold the top two slots simultaneously with their first two hits.


She caught up with Vogue for the ‘Shape Issue’, and there’s a ton of information packed into the feature, including a “73 Questions” interview, in which Iggy reveals the best fashion trend of all time (platform sneakers), the closet she’d like to raid (Gwen Stefani’s), and the one piece of clothing she’d wear for the rest of her life (“a pair of pants that make me look skinny”). It’s also worth noting that despite her recent departure from Twitter, Iggy names it “the most important website.”

The print interview appears in Vogue‘s “Shape Issue,” so the topic is discussed in her interview. The Australian MC reveals to the magazine that she actually has a “new shape,” announcing, “Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life.” Regardless of your personal feelings about cosmetic surgery, the interview ends with a quote that most of us can probably relate to: “I want to be superfabulous—but also lazy.” Yup that’s what I want too.


Check out the online interview; Iggy x Vogue 

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