The ever sexy Idris Elba is on the cover of Rolling Out magazine’s alternative issue (Taraji P. Henson is on a cover as well) and he talks to the magazine about his new projects – new movie No Good Deed, directing, being a DJ, being a dad and much more.

Read excerpts of his interview below:


What is fatherhood like for Elba in real life?

“I love, love children. I love being a dad; it’s one of the joys of life. In fact, you can take it all away from me tomorrow, but don’t take away my children,” he says. Aww!
He continues, “That little young girl [Mirage] was such a great little actress. She was also great to work with.”

The perception he wants his kids to have of him …

“I just hope my children grow up saying my dad was my good friend and supporter … I was fair and just, helped them whenever they needed me to. And, that there was love. One thing I am very aware is that I love them and I love to embrace my children. My children know what it is to have a hug and a kiss, be cuddled and feel comfortable. My parents were not cuddlers or kissers, but I am,” he laughs.

What is the svelte entertainer’s diet like?

“It’s not good actually because I travel so much and I eat irregularly, a lot. What I have been doing recently … I wanted to find out more about my body and I did an allergy test. It taught me a lot and I tailored my diet accordingly. I don’t eat as well as I should. My mum is always going on about it saying, ‘You need to eat better.’ I am aware of it,” he says relaxing in his native English accent.

How does he stay balanced? Does he pray or meditate?

“I don’t pray. I don’t meditate. I do a lot of deep breathing whenever I get five or 10 minutes. It’s something great about oxygenating your body. It is a real good thing to do in moments of stress, weakness, tiredness … if you give yourself a little oxygen, fill your lungs to capacity and do it eight times, three to four times a day, it really helps. I am a multitasker. In my 24-hour day I am working 19. I get three to four hours of sleep, wake up and then I go again. I rejuvenate by drinking lots of water and doing my breathing exercises,” reveals Elba.

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