Hey you FABulous People, its time for one lucky person to win a dinner date with a FAB
Nigerian celebrity.

You know how it works right? Just incase you don’t know, We will tell you again:

FAB Magazine puts up a cute baby pic of a FABulous celeb, give y’all tiny clues, then y’all try to guess
who the person in the picture is.

The first person to guess it right wins a dinner date with the celebrity at the
FABulous Indigo restaurant!


Here are some rules of the contest…

1. Winner of this contest will be the first person to guess it right

2. Winner must be in Lagos to attend the dinner.

3. Pictures of the winner and the celebrity will be put up on the blog before and after the meal.

4. When answering the question, please include your phone number and be sure to
check your email often as we most likely will be contacting you via email.

Now that we’ve laid out the rules again, here comes the baby picture of this FAB celebrity.



* She’s one of Nigeria’s hottest pop divas.

* Some say she’s the sexiest singer in Nigeria, others say she has the best voice.

* She participated in one of the biggest singing competitions in the world.

* She has two singles on air at the moment.

Okay, start guessing now!! Can’t wait to announce the winner! 😀

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