Björk (say BEE-YURK) is perhaps what that comes closest to being Iceland’s most iconic names though I must say I’m letting the fact that the arctic capital is also being known as an irritable ash house getting over me. But da music’s still on and let me address this proper again. Welkomen, Queen Scandinavia. 

I can feel Lady Gaga in every tempo of her music – it’s surreal and it’s the future.

It is an exciting time for both Björk and her fans as the Icelandic singer releases her seventh album, Biophilia in a sporadic manner that no other would have done. She is “leaking” tracks from the forthcoming full-length studio album one by one and this I say is intoxicating for all her music adorers.

Her music is tantamount to the discovery of uranium. In this album, a new musical instrument called the ‘Gameleste‘ was introduced purposefully and exclusively for the music video and concerts. The Gameleste is a celesta, specially modified by Icelandic organ builder and gong maker. What’s more is that some songs of the album were partially recorded on an iPad!


Biophilia is also going to become the world’s first app-album, described as a “multimedia collection”, bringing music, apps, news and live shows together. For every song performed in Biophilia, each is assigned a mini app which will be housed in a main app for iPad which almost resembled a stargazing chart. There will be about 10-12 mini-apps, so as to say. The app also allows users to customise their experience by letting them to explore themes for each song or even better, create their own! This whole project, once again, is typical of Björk, just like what you hear in her music, is on the front lines of others out there!

Her lead single of the album is the electrifying mix of gameleste
base, percussive elements and rhythmic currents. Called the Crystalline, the record company 16bit released it three days later after  it was leaked in June. Nonetheless, Björk has already performed it at the Manchester International Festival held last month.

So far, Cosmogony and more recently, Virus were made available.  Have a look at the lyrics of Virus below, do you feel like standing in front of an abstract art, trying to decipher what it means? All this is mesmerising.


Teasing starts here:

Like a virus needs a body
and soft tissue feeds on blood,
someday i’ll find you.
The urge is here.

Like a mushroom on a tree trunk
as a protein transmutates,
I knock on your skin
and i am in.


Listen to Crystalline:



Finally four years after she released her last album Volta (2007), Biophilia is expected to be released on 27th September via One Little Indian and iTunes. Catch more of her at



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