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Yesterday, one of my Naija sisters kindly took it upon herself to remind me not once, not twice, but three times that I am actually not African, but in her words, ‘an African wannabe’ (For those who want gist, you’re probably still likely to see the whole convo on Suby Sinem Facebook wall).

So reminded of my roots in no uncertain terms, I thought, why not start a new section on the FAB Blog titled ‘I Rep Turkey.’ Now now, before you go ahead and say, “But I thought you repped Naija?! Wetin?” let me just clarify, as a true Afroyinbo and being of the female species, of course I cam multi-task and rep my two beloved countries at the same time. :)

Now I hear you ask, “What’s this ‘I rep Turkey’ all about? Ah…. That’ll be telling, won’t it? You’ll have to wait and find out about all things FAB and Turkish in the next few weeks, months – oh well, maybe year.

Let’s kick it off with the world of fashion.

Today I rep Turkey and I rep Nihat Odabasi – probably one of the best Turkish fashion and advertorial photographers out there.

Nihat Odabasi was born in Urfa, Turkey in 1968. He started his professional career as a copywriter in a multinational advertising agency and took up photography in 1999. Only six years after, he was awarded the prestigious Best Fashion Photographer of the Year by Procter & Gamble. While he is based predominantly in Istanbul, Odabasi travels extensively to shoot for international magazines and has to date shot numerous editorials, advert campaign and celebrity portrait.

I want to be him when I grow up – well, a female version at any rate.

Without further ado, do enjoy samples below from my fellow Turk’s magical body of work.

Tetu Magazine

Journey Campaign

Bar Rafaeli for Fashionable Istanbul

Steve Madden

Marie Claire

Turkish model Senay Akay


Deniz Akkaya for Dishy Magazine


Marie Claire

Tetu Magazine

Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug for Marie Claire

All images copyrighted to NIHAT ODABASI

to view more of his work, please visit http://www.nihatodabasi.com/

5 Responses

  1. Suby

    This is ojoro oh, ahaaa, Where is “I rep Naija?” Before we fight you, please lets have an I rep Naija section as well.

    Anyway love his work, hope all our African brothers and sisters step up thier game so that the “I rep Naija” section will be better than this this Turkish one. :)

    I can see an “I rep….” every country wahala coming on here LMAOH

  2. Nogo

    Great idea Sinem! Wow at the pictures :O

    I’m coming to rep Ghana, Nigeria, and USA on this our blog oohh!
    I’m only half joking.


    Lol Suby I after I typed this comment I read yours and realised I had already started the Im coming to rep wahala… Heheh you know us too well!

  3. dangel eyez

    oh turkeyyy!! 😀 . i speak little turkish :) . nihat is really good, cok guzel!! :)


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