I am back home.

Istanbul lies in all its glory, waters of the Bosphorus sparkling sapphire on sunny days like this. She – the courtesan of many an empire makes eyes at you, twirls her raven locks and laughs a hearty laugh seasoned with centuries as you stand dazzled by her eternal beauty. The jewel of the Eastern Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Empires – the coveted, the conquered, the unconquerable courtesan dances to her own tune, the rhythm as whimsical as the undercurrent of the cold river that runs through it – the only city that has the sea running through it, the only city that has seen emperors made and lost, kings crowned and dethroned, the only city that straddles two continents with the ease and elegance of a woman who has lived through the tides of eternity and not even broken a fingernail.

On days like this, Istanbul puts her glad rags on, laughs her coquettish laughter and teases you to throw caution to the wind and take a day off life to enjoy her eternal, her infinite, her impeccable glory.


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  1. Shop Liquorice

    Such a lovely tribute, Sinem :-) So nicely written. Welcome home!

  2. Suby

    One day in Turkey and here you go making Istanbul look like the most beautiful city in the world (it is beautiful I know), just wondering when you going to turn your lens and words to the beautiful city that is Lagos :)

    Beautiful images (ofcourse you had to have cats there), my favourite one is the last shot (I wonder why lol)

    Miss wifey :(

  3. Nogo

    Great pictures! I hope you and your family are well – have a great holiday! 😀


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