It’s been a year since Pop star Ariana Grande came out with a new song since her  popular single, “Problem” featuring  Iggy Azalea.

Her music career has been growing from one hit to the next albeit the surrounding controversies that thrived around her break-up with “Blessings” rapper: Big Sean.

Wondering what she’s got planned next in records? Ariana posted her uncertainty on Instagram on Monday, April 27, 2015 .

And she revealed to followers that  she ‘may or may not be in the studio’ working on new music soon.

ariana grande

She expressed appreciation to her fans for their support, in words: ‘One year since #problem!!!! what a year it’s been. i’ll never be able to find the words to fully express my gratitude and appreciation to be able to do what i love and to have the greatest, sweetest, funnniest (but actually the funniest……. ever), kindest, most generous and genuine fans (loves) in the world by my side. ‘y’all are dream babes and i love you. here’s to more music and memories (i may or may not be in the studio working on it right now).’ 

Okay, Ariana, is this what we call ; taking a musical break?

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