I AM FAB : Paula Okunzuwa

Name: Paula Okunzuwa

FAB thing about your name: Paula is a Latin name, which means small and humble. Although I do not agree with the small, but the part about being humble I agree with 100%. Also, my name is very easy to pronounce and people have no difficulties trying to pronounce it. On a few occasions, people have called me Bola, which I found absolutely funny. Haha!

Country of origin: Nigeria

FAB thing about your country of origin: Before moving to London, I grew up in Edo State, Nigeria. So for me, I love the culture, the music is absolutely amazing and the food, oh yes!

Country of residence: London

Occupation: Model

Describe yourself in 3 words: Confident, Humble and Hardworking.


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One Response to I AM FAB : Paula Okunzuwa

  1. Mr. Cornells says:

    She’s one of UK’s models wt really exotic looks! Inimitably exotic looks!

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