Name: My full name is Zebulun Delisser

FAB thing about your name or meaning of your name: The FAB thing about my name is that, when you say “Zebulun” it is such a strong, powerful, unique name. It is a Hebrew name from the old testament in the BIble. Zebulun was one of the sons of Jacob.

Country of origin: I was born in the UK of dual Caribbean heritage, half Dominican and half Jamaican.

FAB thing about your country of origin: Dominica, also known as nature island is just FAB! full of natural beauty with hot springs, 365 rivers (one for each day of the week) water falls and FAB beaches. Jamaica is FAB too! amazing beaches, water falls and food to die for. Jamaica is also known for its very influential Reggae and dancehall music.

Occupation: I am a freelance Model, I have been in the industry for about two years establishing myself. and Massage therapist.

Country of residence: Currently residing in London, United Kingdom. One of the busiest towns in the globe, there is always something to do. I love the London life, its FAB. London is vary diverse, and thriving with culture from all over the world.

Describing yourself  in three words: Three words to describe myself are Unique, Strong and FAB

What makes you FAB: What makes me FAB? Having good friends and family around me makes me FAB. It is important to keep positive energy around you to encourage growth and happiness in life.

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