Name: Yvonne Chinele Nwosu

FAB thing about your name: My middle name ‘Chinele’ means ‘God is watching’, it represents my spirituality and dedication to my art, the strength of my personality and my resolve.

Country of origin: Nigeria/Cameroon

FAB thing about your country: Nigeria is blessed with creative minds and resilient people, this makes it FAB to me. Cameroon, my mother’s country is FAB because of their art which has greatly inspired me and my work.

Country of residence: Nigeria







Occupation: Fashion Designer

Describe yourself in three words: Creative, Free-spirited and Adventurous

What makes you FABulous, African, Black:  Coming from two different African backgrounds, I have both cultural influences which gives me a fine balance especially when it comes to my fashion and lifestyle. My modesty makes me African and the pride I take in my heritage screams Black!

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6 Responses

  1. Austin

    This girl looks like Gods creation she too GBASKI……….I love mmmm dieeee

    • Abegi

      @Yetunde …Guys sef dey do am! Click on the I AM FAB button at the top of the page and see some fine brothers there too!

  2. Vee

    This is what i cal hot,beautiful and faboulous>>>>>>i lové sôoooooooooô much


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