Name: Pauline Long

FAB thing about your name: I was named after my great great grandmother. My mother lived with her for a short while but it was memorable. She loved her dearly so she decided that I should take her name ‘Pauline’. My Kenyan name from the Luo tribe is ‘Atieno’. It simply means night. I was born at night.

Country of origin: Kenya

FAB thing about your country of origin: The diversity is fabulous. I believe people not animals and buildings make a country what it is hence Kenya has some of the most friendly and kindest, innovative and intelligent people in the world.

Country of residence: UK

Occupation: Mother/Philanthropist/Entrepreneur/Fashion designer

 Describe yourself in 3 words: Humble, achiever, motivator

What make you FABulous African Black:  I’m extremely self-motivated but I also look upto some amazing people around me who inspire me daily. I’m beautiful inside and out; proudly African, proudly Kenyan. I love wearing African print, I think they complete my FABulous African Black image.

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  1. Ms Cookie

    Ms. Pauline I think I can describe you in two words: Beautifully Powerful! Thanks for your impact and influence on this world!


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