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  • I Am FAB : Osas Ighodaro

    Full name: Osas Ighodaro

    Osas 31
    FAB thing about your name:  Osas is short for my full name, Osariemen, which means “Gods Gift to me” which is most certainly FAB.

    Country of origin: Born and raised in Bronx, New York but my family is from Edo State, Nigeria.

    FAB thing about country of origin: Well I consider myself being blessed to be from both Nigeria and USA. A FAB thing about Nigeria is the rich culture and history in her people and USA for the immense amount of opportunities.

    Occupation:  Actress/ Philanthropist/ BusinessWoman

    Three words to describe yourself:  Determined, Sassy, Generous

    Osas 21

    What makes you FAB?: I’m a God fearing woman that most certainly knows who I am and my worth.


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    2 Responses to I Am FAB : Osas Ighodaro

    1. Gheuns says:

      I have a mad crush on Osas! I’m willing to do anything to meet her…help!

    2. mamalet says:

      Its always nice to see a sexy God fearing woman…:)u dey jonze gheuns

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