Name: Jumai Shaba

FAB thing about your name or meaning of your name: The FAB thing about my name is that it’s Unique. My first name “Jumai” is derived from the word “Jumah” which is the day Muslims go to the mosque for “Friday Prayers”, I was born on a friday. So whenever I hear people say TGIF it always makes me feel brand new and always ready to celebrate. My surname “Shaba” is equally as FAB because it is derived from “Shaban” the time when muslims fast known as Ramadan in August and I was also born in August so this makes me a Leo. So I believe that My name as a whole makes me Strong, Unique and FAB.

Country of origin: I Am Nigerian. My mother is Yoruba from ijebu-ode and my father is Hausa from Minna.

FAB thing about your country of origin: The Fab thing about Nigeria is the diverse culture out here. I believe that Nigeria has a lot to offer and our people are very talented. Although I wasn’t raised here i was raised by my parents to believe that home is where the heart is so Nigeria will always be my home and first base no matter where I go or what I’m doing.

Country of residence: Nigeria

Occupation: I am a T.V presenter for MNET (Multichoice Network), Host Events, I’m a freelance Writer and also I have also recently Opened my own Fabric Store at Bisket House 70 Allen Avenue  & when time permits I help run my family businesses owned by My mother who is Popularly Known as “BISKET” she is into Property and Fabrics.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Spiritual, Passionate & Positive.

 What makes you FAB: My Faith in God.

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  1. ms kennie

    I just gotta love JUMAI SHABA. Such a beautiful lady with a beautiful and blessed heart. I LOVE YOU. Kennie, your no 1 fan #HugsAndKisses#


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