Name: Akintunde Emmanuel

FAB thing about your name: The name Akintunde can be so FAB In different ways, e.g. the strongest and the wealthiest in the whole villa, who knows, i might end up being the strongest and wealthiest model in the world.  And Emmanuel, like most Christians know, is so  Biblical, The Son of God. It means God is with us, and we all pray each time about God always being with us and am sure that’s super FAB. I also have a nickname (Last Born) This I derive from the fact that i am the last kid of the family of 5 kids and I am as well the only male, so peeps in my hood had no other choice than to devise the nickname Last Born for me, that’s FAB too.

Country of origin: Nigeria

FAB thing about your country of origin: The people in it, they are very happy people even when things are not moving on fine with them, they don’t end up trying to commit suicide or something, they take life easy and very simple. That’s my People FAB people indeed.

Country of residence: Nigeria

Occupation: Model/Aspiring Cabin Crew/Student/Musical instrumentalist.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Curious, Diligent, and Energetic.

What makes you Fabulous African Black: My skin (very dark), my ability to get things done with little or no supervision + I get noticed everywhere I go. I stay happy and contended with whatsoever I have. My commonsense, it’s not common. I am FAB.


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4 Responses

  1. oyewusi omoboyejo

    he is definitely a force to reckon with in the modelling and fashion industry.. kudos to you my dear friend

  2. ossai joshua

    Absolutely,FABulous.he’s full of energy.we are africans n black is our pride dats wat akintunde personality speaks.Go africa,Go Nigeria,Go Lagos.

  3. oloja ajibola

    that the main truth i know about you, keep up ur ways and i know u will get there


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