Questions: Name: Adebanke Elegbede

FAB thing about your name – it’s unique and its means pamper with royalty

Country of Origin: Nigeria

FAB thing about country of origin: the ‘owambe’ social life of the Yoruba people

Country of residence: Nigeria

Occupation: HR Practitioner

Describe yourself in three words: Mischievous, Petite and Banke

What makes you Fabulous, African and Black: I’m simply ME

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21 Responses

  1. Chigo

    She is my friend….great gal! Nigerian Jeannie Mai…truly a Fab persona.

  2. sade

    Banke is Royalthy at its best.she’s graceful n charming,hard to find fault with cos her behavior is always on point.she’s also mischievous whn she wants to b.generally a fun loving babe!

  3. Supo

    She certainly is fab. Known Banke all my life and I can say with authority that she is an amazing person

  4. debbie

    This one up here…The most mischievious person in the whole Nigeria

  5. Kunle

    i was going 2display my PHD but i can see shes hawt so i’ll let this slide.’ like her sense of humour on d owambe part, awon owambe rocket. nice one!

  6. Toksyb

    Adebanke is fabulicious,hot,pretty,classy…go girl to d Fab Lane


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