According to StyleBlazer, There is nothing like finding the perfect pair of jeans. The way it shows off your curves and hugs your body in all the right places- we can’t get enough of denim. Finding the perfect pair can be quite the task when the sticker price can land anywhere between $80-$200.

What’s even worse is discovering that your favorite pair of jeans have seem to run their course after general wear and tear. After all these years, there is still no clear indication on how to properly care for jeans until now. We here at Styleblazer have decided to create a list of the best tips for maintaining your jeans and keeping them in tip top condition.

  1. It’s always best to line dry or lay jeans flat to dry. Machine drying jeans can contribute to wear and tear and will also shrink them. If you must use a machine, please be sure to use the lowest heat setting.
  2.  Don’t pack folded pairs of jeans to tightly. Naturally, denim fibers need to breathe to make sure that they don’t harbor any odors.
  3. If you find that your jeans are too tight, you can stretch them out by letting them air dry and tugging at the damp waistband. If you need extra stretching, go over the damp waistband with a hot iron.
  4. Prevent fading by washing jeans inside out in cold water. To fade denim quickly, wash once with hot water.
  5. To eliminate odor in your jean,s hang your jeans in the bathroom before a shower so they can be steamed out or freeze in a plastic bag for two days (it may sound crazy, but it works!)
  6. It takes six months for jeans to properly be broken in and they shouldn’t be washed excessively. Jeans adapt to our body shape and if washed numerous times the shape can be lost.
  7. In order to keep the unique dark wash of your jeans, add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse cycle.
  8. Most jeans are treated to achieve a faded look and don’t need to be broken in. These jeans can be washed more often only if they are stained and start to sag.
  9. Wash your jeans twice before taking them to the tailor. Jeans naturally shrink a length when washed.
  10. When washing jeans in the machine, make sure to sort your jeans for the wash. This can help with unwanted friction on the denim fabric, which can lead to thinning and tears.
  11. Never use bleach. That will be the beginning and end of your jeans.
  12. Most importantly, if you must machine wash jeans, please read the label to determine the type of denim and the precise washing instructions.

Source: StyleBlazer



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