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Nigerian label House of Marie ushers in the rainy season with ‘Ethan’s Frame’ collection. The collection from the label is inspired by the idea of a dream within a dream and geometric shapes, with looks built on creative and artistic inception anchored by a reality of strong asymmetry.



HM_60Ever the color aficionado, House of Marie brings the colour of rain through in muted tones and palettes this season. The designer lets her audience in on the joy of getting lost in a library of fabrics and colors and even more, the feeling of completion that comes with creating something beautiful out of that chaos.



True to its inspiration, the collection features a variety of fabrics and textures bordered by contrasting ones, exploiting fully the idea of juxtaposition, bordering contrasting thought processes alongside each other.HM_116.jpg copy

Leaning on the sharp yet effeminate side of life, House of Marie makes sense of the disillusionment birthed from complex thought trains with a skilled synergy and cohesiveness in the execution of the collection.


HM_35An expressive and thought induced work of art, the Rainy’15 Collection identifies strongly with the words of Alan Pope “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” and takes this dream of frames into a “reality” shared with its audience.

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