Mike Tyson has  criticized Floyd Mayweather for comparing himself with boxing legend, Mohammed Ali. The internationally hyped fight between the new champion and rival Manny Pacquaio ended with Floyd taking the title.

Floyd Mayweather, who has never lost a fight in a all of his 47 pro fights was quoted saying he was himself a phenomenal equal to Muhammed Ali and that did not go down well with the outspoken boxing icon.

In Floyd’s words:

“No disrespect to Muhammad Ali, but he did it in one division. I just look at Ali’s career when he fought Leon Spinks and lost to a fighter with seven fights. There were some other fights he lost and he’s still known as The Greatest because that’s what he put out there. It is what it is.” Mayweather said.

“He called himself The Greatest and I call myself TBE (The Best Ever). I’m pretty sure I’ll get criticized for what I said, but I couldn’t care less. I could care less about the backlash.” 



Mike Tyson called out Mayweather over the statement and called him “Delusional”. In an  interview on Undisputed Champion Network

Tyson who routed for Manny Pacquiao during the fight referred to Mayweather as:

 “He’s very delusional. He can’t listen. If he was anywhere near that realm of greatness with Ali, he’d be able to take his children to school by himself

“He can’t take his children to school by himself and you’re talking about he’s great? Greatness is not guarding himself from the people. Greatness is being accepted by the people.

“He’s a little scared man. He’s a very small, scared man.” 

Do you think Mayweather was right to compare himself with Ali?



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