After the shocking events of last week in London which also saw the lovely Gisella Boutique in Peckham plundered by shameless looters, our friends and lovely ladies at Gisella have started a campaign to bring their family business back to life and need your support to raise Gisella Boutique from its wreckage.
This metallic dress which we fell in love with the moment we spotted it on the runway and used in our Volume I Issue 3 Kings and Queens shoot was amongst many other items stolen.
Now faced with the decision to stay put or walk away, the mother and daughter duo, who celebrated their 20th year in fashion this summer, have decided to rebuild Gisella.

The Gisella Story

A summer that began with celebrations ends with sorrow, yet determination. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Gisella Boutique – a rare fashion-design partnership of mother and daughter which offers unique, personal and dedicated service.  In the midst of degeneration at the heart of London’s inner city, Gisella Boutique have strived to offer an alternative aesthetic of hopeful and inspired creativity. The love engrained in the fabric of their award-winning creations has travelled far and wide along the curve of Gisella’s blessed twenty year journey. From London Fashion Week to the catwalk of the Victoria & Albert Museum; from spotlights on CNN to MTV, the BBC and most recently, commissions for The Royal Wedding; Gisella looks back with pride and gratitude at their finest moments in design.


GISELLA: ‘Soul Makossa’ At The V&A from Gisella Couture on Vimeo.

What happened?

On the night of Monday 8th August 2011, Gisella Boutique became the unfortunate target of an angry mob of looters. They smashed and ransacked the boutique, trashing many years of hard work and stealing gowns for brides-to-be, along with countless irreplaceable couture collections, hand-made jewellery and precious fabrics. But for the courageous intervention of a few good neighbours, these looters would have burnt Gisella Boutique down to the ground. On this tragic night, the good spirit of the community was unforgiveably violated.

How can you help?

Since the looting of Gisella Boutique, Gisella and Jan  have been moved beyond words by the kindness of our friends and supporters and for this, they are truly grateful. This kindness is their strength during this tragic time and for this reason we are determined to rebuild. The Gisella ladies appeal to you for assistance as they begin to pick up the pieces and move forward. There is so much to do. For example logistically they will have to repair the damage enacted on the premises and to renovate the interior to remove all signs of this terrible episode. They will have to produce replicas of samples and one-of a kind designs that are part of their signature heritage collection. They will also need to replace precious fabrics, accessories and jewellery produced by other local designers.
How Gisella Will  Honour Your Contributions:
All donations toward this campaign are deeply appreciated. With your help, Gisella and Jan pledge to honour their continuing vision through dedicated and unique creative entreprise and social consciousness.
Each and every contribution will be noted. And as their recovery takes shape, the team will provide updates about when you will be able to use your discounts on future couture orders at Gisella Boutique.

Gisella invites you to share in the memories of their most treasured collections; most of which we have sadly now lost.

Please visit their website and support the cause through Gisella Boutique’s fanpage on Facebook.

The Daily Telegraph were the first among the UK press to document their devastation in the aftermath of the London riots. This article captures their sorrow standing amidst the ruins of Gisella Boutique and this video footage published by an unknown source illustrates a scene we all hope never to revisit again.

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